How to Order ZERAMAX™

Ordering ZERAMAX™ is simple. You should follow these steps before starting to take ZERAMAX™ for the dietary management of your type 2 diabetes.

  1. See your doctor or healthcare professional.

    You need to see your medical professional before starting to take ZERAMAX™ because, as a medical food, ZERAMAX™ should be used under medical supervision.

  2. Obtain your medical professional’s “ZERAMAX™ Access Code”.

    You need this Access Code to order ZERAMAX™ because it ensures that your use of ZERAMAX™ was approved by a medical professional. The ZERAMAX™ Access Code is a 7-digit number that has been given to your medical professional by one of our sales representatives or a Customer Service Representative. If your medical professional does not have a ZERAMAX™ Access Code, they can obtain one by calling 888-ZERAMAX (937-2629) and asking to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

  3. Order ZERAMAX™! Go online to or call Customer Service at 888- ZERAMAX (937-2629).

    Once you have the ZERAMAX™ Access Code, you are ready to order ZERAMAX™! Just go online or call and speak to a Customer Service Representative. Be sure to ask about our ZERAMAX™ Advantage Program™, which provides significant price discounts on ZERAMAX™, including free shipping and convenient monthly billing! Please note that ZERAMAX™ is not available at retail pharmacies or stores.

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If You Would Like To Bring Information about ZERAMAX™ To Your Doctor Or Medical Professional Click Here:    
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