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Frequently Asked Questions


Product Profile/Description

1. What is ZERAMAX™?
  ZERAMAX™ is a once-a-day oral nutritional therapy intended for the dietary management of type 2 diabetes mellitus.  ZERAMAX™ is a medical food that provides patients with type 2 diabetes with a specially formulated source of chromium to help support their A1c and LDL cholesterol levels.  It consists of 1,200 mcg of chromium (called “chromium 2-pyridine carboxylate” or “Cr2PC”) and 4 mg of biotin. ZERAMAX™ should be used under medical supervision.
2. Why has chromium and biotin been combined into one product?
  The addition of biotin to chromium has a synergistic effect on glucose uptake in skeletal muscle cells. The unique combination of Cr2PC (chromium) and biotin has been shown in clinical trials to aid in enhancing insulin sensitivity and improving blood sugar metabolism, while also helping to promote healthy lipid and triglyceride levels. 
3. Are there any yeasts, glutens, or preservatives in ZERAMAX™? Anything else that can potentially cause an allergic reaction?
  ZERAMAX™ does not contain yeast, glutens, or preservatives.  However, anyone with an allergy to chromium or biotin should consult with a Medical Professional before taking ZERAMAX™.


Mechanism of Action

1.  How does ZERAMAX™ work?
  ZERAMAX™ provides patients with type 2 diabetes with a daily amount of chromium that can help correct a chromium insufficiency in their bodies.  Studies have shown that patients with type 2 diabetes have lower levels of chromium than healthy patients without diabetes.
2. Why do people with type 2 diabetes have an insufficient level of chromium in their body?
  Chromium insufficiency/deficiency can occur in people with type 2 diabetes due to increased excretion of this essential mineral in urine.  Since most processed foods are very low in chromium, it is hard to get a lot of chromium from our normal diets.  In addition, diets high in carbohydrates enhance the loss of chromium.
3. How long does it take to start working?

Clinical studies have shown beneficial effects on fasting and post-prandial glucose levels as early as 28 days in patients with type 2 diabetes.  However, it is recommended that patients with type 2 diabetes take ZERAMAX™ for at least 90 days, or until their next A1c test.


How to Order

    How can my patients purchase ZERAMAX™?
  ZERAMAX™ is available two ways: 
  1. From a dispensing Medical Professional (Physician, Diabetes Educator, Physician Assistant, Dietician, etc.), sold to the patient from their  office/practice setting;


  2.  Direct from the company online at www.zeramax.com or by calling 888-ZERAMAX (937-2629).  ZERAMAX™ is available in bottles of 30 capsules.  ZERAMAX™ is not available in retail pharmacies or stores. 


Ordering ZERAMAX™ is simple and secure.  For detailed information on how your patients can order ZERAMAX™, please go to the following section of the ZERAMAX™ website by clicking on the following link:


If you are a medical professional interested in dispensing ZERAMAX™ to your patients, please click on the following link to get more information:



Healthcare Insurance 


Is Zeramax™ covered by my health insurance?  By Medicare/Medicaid?

  No, at this time ZERAMAX™ is not covered by private/3rd party or government health insurance plans.


Medical Food

  What is a medical food?
  The term medical food, as defined in section 5(b) of the Orphan Drug Act (21 U.S.C. 360ee (b) (3)) is “a food which is formulated to be consumed or administered enterally under the supervision of a physician and which is intended for the specific dietary management of a disease or condition for which distinctive nutritional requirements, based on recognized scientific principles, are established by medical evaluation.” Medical foods are foods that are specially formulated and processed (as opposed to a naturally occurring foodstuff used in a natural state) for a patient who requires the product as a major treatment modality. Generally, to be considered a medical food, a product must, at a minimum, meet the following criteria: it must be a food for oral or tube feeding; it must be labeled for the dietary management of a specific medical disorder, disease, or condition for which there are distinctive nutritional requirements; and it must be intended to be used under medical supervision.



  What is Chromium 2-Pyridine Carboxylate (Cr2PC)?
  Cr2PC, also known as chromium picolinate, is a unique form of the essential nutrient chromium, that is more bioavailable (a higher percentage is absorbed by the body) than other forms of chromium.  Cr2PC is part of a patented formulation found in Zeramax™.


Side Effects/Precaution/Adverse Events

1. What are the major side effects of ZERAMAX™?
  In several clinical trials, the primary ingredients of ZERAMAX™ have been shown to have a placebo-like safety and tolerability profile. 
2. Is ZERAMAX™ contraindicated for use in any type of patient?
  The ingredients in ZERAMAX™ have been shown to be safe and effective as a medical food intended for the dietary management of type 2 diabetes.
3. Does ZERAMAX™ cause hypoglycemia?
  There have been no reported incidences of hypoglycemia in patients taking the ingredients in ZERAMAX™.
4. Can pregnant/nursing women take ZERAMAX™?
  As with all medical foods, pregnant or lactating women or individuals with serious health conditions should consult a physician before taking ZERAMAX™.



1. What is the recommended dosage for ZERAMAX™?
  The recommended daily dose of ZERAMAX™ is one capsule, once-a-day, with or without food.
2. Can children (less than 18 years old) take ZERAMAX™?
  There is little data to support the use of ZERAMAX™ in children.  As with all medical foods, dietary supplements, vitamins, or over the counter products, ZERAMAX™ should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.
3. Can ZERAMAX™ be safely taken with medications for type 2 diabetes?
  There is no evidence of contraindications when taking the ingredients in ZERAMAX™ with medications for type 2 diabetes.  However, ZERAMAX™ should only be taken under medical supervision.
4. Can ZERAMAX™ be taken with different types of medications (e.g., blood pressure, cholesterol-lowering, heart disease, ulcer, GERD)?
  There is no evidence of contraindications when taking the ingredients in ZERAMAX™ with other medications.  However, ZERAMAX™ should only be taken under medical supervision.
5. Can ZERAMAX™ be safely taken if I am also taking insulin?
  There is very little information on taking ZERAMAX™ with insulin.  In clinical studies, a limited number of patients took the ingredients in ZERAMAX™ along with insulin, and they showed no evidence of safety problems. However, ZERAMAX™ should only be taken under medical supervision.



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